November 2018

“Gabriel’s play Ambiguity will run as part of Mixtape: Fury Road at Piano Fight from Nov. 5-Dec. 10, 2018.”

july 2018

Gabriel’s play “Tuesday” will be part of PianoFight's ShortLived VII: ROUND 5 from July 12-14th in San Francisco. 
For Tickets:

March 2018

Gabriel’s play “Flo” will be performed as part of “The Music Scene” for the month of March

October 2017 

Gabriel’s story “Vids” will be performed by Jimmy Cross at Litquake’s “Litcrawl” as part of Action Fiction 10/14

Gabriel's short fiction will be featured at Litquake 2017 as part of Litcrawl

September 2017

Gabriel’s will write a short play as part of SF’s Music Scene:

July 2017

Gabriel's poem "Anarchy and Me" was accepted to "Clumsy Quips" poetry journal. 

May 28, 2017

Action Fiction performs Gabriel's story "The Four Rs" at Stegwerx Theater in San Francisco

October 2016

Gabriel's story "How to take a man's jar of cherries out the front door with nary a smile" will be performed at Stage Werx theater on October 15, 2016 at 6 pm, as part of Litquake, the world's largest literary pub crawl.

Gabriel will be performing a story from his new book at LitCrawl San Francisco on October 15 from 6-7

August 2016

An interview

Pint Sized Play lineup features Gabriel's play "Polling Place" August 15-29

June 2016

Gabriel's Play "Polling Place" selected for festival:

Gabriel's new play "Polling Place" will be performed August 22, 23, 29, and 30 at 8 PM at PianoFight in San Francisco, CA as part of San Francisco Theater Pub's 2016 Pint-Sized Play Festival.

April 2016


March 2016

Gabriel's play "Excepting Winter" will be performed as part of Action Fiction!, Stories Performed – on Sunday, March 20th @ StageWerx Theatre in San Francisco.

Gabriel's new play "I used to be a ball of wax" will be performed March 21- March 29 at SF Theater "On the Spot"

Gabriel's new single "Prada for My Daughter" is available on Apple Music 3/3/16

Gabriel's new short play will run from March 21-29 in San Francisco.

February 2016

Gabriel’s play “Excepting Winter (of course)” will be performed March 20, 2016 as part of Action Fiction at Stagewerks Theater in San Francisco

Gabriel’s play ’Environmental Dissonance’ will be part of the Cabaret Dada, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Dada theater, at the Exit Theater, February 5, 2016

Gabriel’s new book “Nonfiction and Other Fiction” is now available in paperback: (February 2016)

November 2015

Interview with Gabriel about his new play 11/23/15


Gabriel's new play "I Like That" opens its premiere in San Francisco from November 16-24


September 2015
Gabriel's poem "jay bird" will be published as part of poetry in motion's Fall 2015 resistance poetry


ST. RED Magazine 9/1/15


March 23-31, 2015
Gabriel's play will be performed in "On The Spot"

Gabriel's story "piñata" will appear in the June, 2014 edition of the literary journal "Words Paint Pictures"

Gabriel was a featured storyteller in the June 2014 "Lapse" interviews.

Gabriel’s short story “Bird” will be published in 3Elements Review Literary Journal

Gabriel was interviewed in the S.F. Writer’s Blog Hop, May 12, 2014.

Gabriel will be performing at the Climate Change Cabaret in S.F. on May 10, 2014:

April, 2014: Gabriel's story "Rainbow" was published in Words Paint Pictures

February 2, 2014

Underground club sensation fights back against social media with beats and hooks! Concept artist Gabriel Leif Bellman has just released his musical album "Scrolling Through The Park." Conceived as a response to the hyper specificity that permeates the lives of anybody who enters into a conversation with a smartphone, the information overload generation has responded favorably to being made fun of.

Tracks include Israeli disco phenomenon "Albert Camus and Cinnamon,” and "Marcus Garvey and Toll Bridges” and have what one reviewer has referred to as: "an insane resemblance to t.s. eliot, if he did dub step, if that makes sense?” "Wiki-Leaks and the Conceptual Past" rounds out the album, available on iTunes and CD Baby now.

Concept artist Gabriel Leif Bellman is perhaps best known for his famous “Who’s calling?” car stereo prank at the Tate Modern Museum in London, but he also helped create the True Life series for MTV, and then ran away with an Irish Circus- directing a feature film about it. His most recent film "The Bellman Equation" won numerous awards, and he is well known for his slam-poetry throughout the United States, notably guest hosting at the legendary and now defunct Blah Blah lounge in Brooklyn. His myspace page appears to link to the sound of a dolphin mating.

scrolling in the park



January 16, 2014
Gabriel’s Poetry was published by Walking Is Honest Poetry Press, in January 2014

Poetry published in Colesce Literary Magazine December 2013

December 31, 2013
Poetry published in Coalesce Literary Magazine December 2013

October 19, 2013
Gabriel's story will be performed at San Francisco's 2013 LitCrawl, Phase 3

Gabriel joined the cast of Omnibucket:

'The Bellman Equation' to be distributed by Shami Media in September 2013

Gabriel's story was performed as part of Omnibucket's Action Fiction :

Gabriel's story performed live, October 18:

Radio Interview with SF FFF co-director Gabriel Bellman about the 2012 Frozen Film Festival

What would you have done?

April 5- Gabriel's short story will be performed live as part of Action Fiction S.F. (hotline follows)

Gabriel's play "Resistance!" will be performed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day as part of a series of pieces on civil disobedience. It is being directed by Eileen Tull and stars Kirstin Broadbent and Charles Lewis.

January 20-27, 2012: Shooting in Austin for Zombie Temp Agency

January 16, 2012: Gabriel's new Play "Resistance" performed as part of "Occupy Theater" in S.F.

January 2012: Gabriel's new play "Resistance" will be performed as part of SF Theater Pub- opening on January 16.

8/5/11 Interview for San Francisco Theater Pub

July 2011 SOMA Magazine Film Review

Soma Magazine link