tell it

Plucked out of thin air like golden silk spun from the mind of a worm marinated in the cheap tequila unearthed from a pirate ship on the banks of the Mississippi from a flash flood of Cajun Creativity, TELL IT TO MY LOCKER PARTNER reminds us all that death, like Word 95, has no spell-check, and that poetry only performs miracles for those who love chocolate.

Three years in the making, thirty-six years in production, and one sunny afternoon away from being drenched in salt water, TELL IT TO MY LOCKER PARTNER is a “fine collection of stories and poetry” (New York Book Quotes), from “a true American original working comfortably within his genre.” (St. Louis Dispatch) “Bellman has done it again” (Internet Book Reviews). “With this thirteenth book, Gabriel Leif Bellman has proven that even his B-Sides are tough enough for the A-Team.” (Ann Arbor Radio News)

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