sum swerve

SUM SWERVE (short s.f. stories) Add it up- these short stories, songs, poems, plays, and operas have been assembled with the meaning of life in mind: ‘for fun.’ Written by a silverback gorilla in Java, translated to C++, encrypted, mailed to the admissions office of a California law school during the Great Depression and then held in probate for forty years before slipping in off the waitlist, SUM SWERVE slices the imagination, massages the prostate, and is yours to keep (for a low-low price!) These short stories love you. You need them. Put under the unbalanced leg of your pool table when facing the devil in a game of 8 ball with nothing less than your soul stake, here are stories to steady your cue when two banks, corner pocket, comes around. Strike it, sink it, and in the end- it was all propped up on SUM SWERVE.

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