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Every so often a book comes out that is a grand summation of existence. SHE is an experiment of unlimited scope- a quilt of a novel sewn in incremental nuggets of moment. As much philosophical meditation as modern love story, SHE is what happens when you take a human life, stretch it out and pin it down like the frog in biology class. How many pieces of green flesh are cut and scattered before the classroom hushes at the indelible beating heart? Written in 100 different moments encapsulated in 100 different years in 1 human life, SHE takes place not in the order that time prescribes, but in the pace of human experience. The world does not delineate meaning, death shocks, and the only chance SHE has of finding her place in the universe is to understand where the dropped mirror shatters. Temporarily sacred, temporally scattered, SHE will haunt (and save!) you.

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