Flatbush Fiction

Written with quills on the backs of eighteen-thousand fortune cookie fortunes and then taped together, Flatbush Fiction is written with the intensity of a staring contest, the passion of a maraschino cherry, and the lucidity of a monk achieving consciousness on his deathbed lying on top of Curious George sheets. With some of the same words as the Bible, the Talmud, and the Koran, FLATBUSH FICTION is sure to inspire fanaticism and prayer among one or two people. From a parody of Lolita to a story about dancing naked with monkeys, the stories contained here can be wadded up into bottles and sent out to sea. Inventive, exciting, funny, poignant, this thick book might very well be in your shirt pocket when you go back in time and take a bullet from Jesse James. In short: this book can save your life.

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