bellman equation

The documentary film "The Bellman Equation" chronicles a 16 year odyssey by writer-director Gabriel Leif Bellman, grandson of Richard Bellman, to solve the many issues surrounding Bellman's life and death. From his work on the Manhattan project, to his persecution under McCarthy, to his parenting skills, Bellman remained an enigmatic figure to all who knew him.
Released in SPRING 2011

Duffy's Irish Circus

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An Irish circus, passed down from father to son, which has performed every year since 1775, through famines, wars, and of course, plenty of rain. Run by a 7th generation Duffy, David Duffy (who refers to his young 3 year-old son as 'the eighth generation'), Duffy's Irish Circus is a one-ring circus that does everything the old fashioned way. Making its way into every tiny village and foggy bog, this circus is a remarkable relic of what show-biz used to be. Doing everything themselves (including setting up and taking down the 'big top') the characters are entertainers who have made a life out of traveling, hardships, and dreams

Duffy's Irish Circus

Official Selection:
2006 Willamette Week Film Festival (Encore Audience Choice), Portland, Oregon
2006 SMTV Film Festival, Mumbai, India
2006 Gloria Film Festival, Salt Lake City, Utah
2006 Cinequest Online Film Festival, San Jose, California


zombie temp agency

Zombie Temp Agency (ZTA) is a zomedy (popular zombie comedy) that takes the inhuman face of the massive Temporary Labor complex and adds a brain chewing body to it. In a world with no firm labor union commitment and with increasing layoffs and job uncertainty, ZTA is uniquely relevant even among zombie movies known for such zeitgeist tapping. Combining the comedy of shows like "The Office" with the manic zombie energy of Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle's film 28 days later, ZTA takes on the modern corporate structure where workers are treated like the walking dead, and spins a classic boy-meets girl redemption tale.


The San Francisco Frozen Film Festival

The San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (SFFFF) is a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2006 that is dedicated to creating avenues for independent filmmakers, youth, filmmakers of conscience, and artists from underserved communities to come together and exhibit their work to the widest possible audience.

The San Francisco Frozen Film Festival is held every summer in the heart of the Mission district in San Francisco at the Roxie Theatre. Filmmakers whose work is accepted into the festival are invited to come to the city by the bay in the dead of summer to screen and discuss their work.

In addition to our annual international film festival, the SFFFF Youth Program is specifically focused on demonstrating to underserved youth that existing pathways do exist to help them find a career in the film arts. SFFFF holds annual music and art performances, as well as youth programming and awards presentations.

The San Franciso Frozen Music Festival

frozen music festival